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Hay Bag Duoline, width 1m, Mesh size 4,5cm + 6,0cm; incl. Safe-Gum + accessories

Product no.: HTS/100/6045/Duoline

49.00 € *

Delivery period: 2 working days

Hay Net Bag MAXI QUER # 4,5cm Set, incl. accessories and Safe-Gum®

Product no.: HTS/MAXIQUER/45/5/SG

27.50 € *

Delivery period: 2 working days

Bale Net, Mesh size 4,5cm

Product no.: HNB/140.140.160/45/5

139.00 € *

Delivery period: 2 working days

Hay Net Sack MIDI, # 3,0cm (Masche: 3 cm)

15.50 € *

Delivery period: 2 working days
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